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  1. new invisible earpiece with 4.5 watt gsm box card

    Once insert a GSM SIM card and turn on the power, it will automatically pick-up calls from any mobile phone or telephone. ` Two way covert communication via mobile phone networks ` Optimized inductive coil creates strong power for earpiece Learn More
  2. 2019 Spy Earpiece Bluetooth Loop GSM Mobile Phone Neck loop Wireless Hidden Ear NEW

    1x Earpiece Set - One Spy Earpiece, One Battery SR416SW 1x Bluetooth Amplifier Loopset 1x USB Cable For Charging Learn More
  3. Wireless Mini Spy Earpiece + Walkie-Talkie Wallet-Eavesdrop

    Features: Completely wireless kit with transmitter, receiver and covert ear piece Virtually undetectable earbud Discreet receiver inside wallet Uses walkie talkie for remote transmission Specifications: Product Description: Wireless Audio Spy Kit - Transmitter + Receiver + Earpiece Operating Frequency: Channel 5: 446. 0550 Channel 15: 446. 0550 Power Supply Walkie talkie: Rechargeable battery (included) Power Supply Wallet Receiver: 5x AAA batteries(not included) Power Supply Earbud: sr416sw battery (included) Power Supply Walkie talkie: Built-in battery Transmission Distance Earbud to Wallet: 140mm Transmission Distance Walkie Talkie to Wallet: 150m Buttons/Ports/Features: Wallet transmitter: ON/OFF switch Frequency switch (channel 5 or 15) Walkie talkie: Push to talk button ON/OFF/volume knob MIC/Earphone jack Monitor button Antenna port Working temperature: -5 to 45 Celsius Dimensions: -Wallet: 120mm x 95mm x 19mm -Earbud: 7.9mm Diameter x 12.7mm -Walkie Talkie: 114mm x 57mm x 32mm Charger input power: 110 - 220V Benefits of using mini Earpiece set with you cell phone: if you are a student you pass your exams without prior preparation. You don't need to fill up your head with heaps of facts and dates. Your partner will give them to you over the phone. if you are a businessman you get information from your colleagues in real time while carrying on negotiations. You will not get into embarrassing situations when you are stumped for an answer. if you are a politician you look confident in front of your audience as you don't have to sight-read your speech anymore. Your assistant will make sure you remember all your arguments. if you are a security guard you secretly get and give instructions to your co-workers. You stait intermingled with the crowd and keep the situation under control. if you are a gambler you get help from your friend when you need advice during the game. Nobody will notice that you cheat. if you are a host of the show you are in the center of everybody's attention. You can make no mistakes, the mini earpiece and your team will help you out. Learn More
  4. Spy Earpiece 218 Micro Earphone Wireless In-Ear Mini Earpiece The New best spy bluetooth earpiece

    Quick Details

    Brand Name:
    China MicSpy Earpiece
    Model Number:
    218 Earpiece
    Mobile Phone
    Bluetooth, Microphone, Noise Cancelling
    Place of Origin:
    Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Model Name:
    Mic Spy Earpiece 218
    Black Color head
    Working Time:
    Dia 7 x H10mm
    With IC:
    Max Volume@3Khz:
    Model of Noise Reduction:
    Mic Spy Earpiece 218:
    Mic Spy Earpiece 218

    Packaging & Delivery

    Delivery Detail: 5

    Covert Communication Earpiece is an inductive receiver with ergonomic design. It is integrated with loopset to be used on radios. Earpiece is put into ear canal while loopset is wore inside user’ clothes.
    It can be widely used in national security, criminal investigation, Anti-terrorism, etc in worldwide police. Usually such kinds covert operators face high personal security risk when performing a task. Our products adopt hi-tech which provide a degree of body protection and help to enhance combat capability
    Currently it is widely used in criminal investigation, public security, counter-narcotics, national security, anti-evil, special police, and other law enforcement agencies.criminal investigation, public security, counter-narcotics, national security, Anti-terrorism, anti-evil, special police, negotiations, inquest, gambling, broadcasting and other fields.
    Covert communication earpiece+ Inductive loopset+ Wireless PTT(option)
    Work principle
    Covert Communication Earpiece is an inductive receiver based on magnetic induction. It works with audio amplificatory devices, such as radios, mobile phone, repeater, language trainer,etc
    Product Feature
    Small dimensions and weight, easy for concealing
    Ergonomic shape design, comfortable long time wearing
    Noise reduction, Soft suppression, AGC(Automatic Gain Control) meets professional request.



    Technical specification:
    . Mini wireless earpiece receives signal by inductive coil
    . across electromagnetic fields
    . Receiving distance: 50-70 cm (But Base on how stornge the Coil)
    . Standard Zinc-air battery: type 337
    . Battery life: about 3-8 hours (Base on what quality batteries you use)
    . Audio bandwidth: from 300 Hz to 4 KHz
    . Distortion: <2%
    . Working frequency: all frequencies
    . Distance between inductive coil and Mini wireless earpiece: about 70-100 cm (But Base on how stornge the Coil)
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    Packaging & Shipping

    1pcs* 218 Earpiece
    How fast do you dispatch my order?
    All products in our online store are in stock and are directly available for dispatch. That why we are able to sent out the goods within 1 working day.
    Which types of products are embargo in express delivery?
    Imitation brand, liquid, powder, food, fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, corrosive and other contraband.
    What is the Dispatch & Delivery Time of UK/US/DE Direct Service?
    The orders will be dispatched in 1 — 3 business days after we receive your confirmed payment. The delivery time of UK/ US direct service is 3 — 5 working days.
    What shipping methods do you offer and what is the estimated delivery date? Where can I check the shipping status of my order?
    Delivery speed: 7-14 days.
    The shipping method will be via Hongkong post or China post. Delivery service is the local post office such as USPS.


    Q:What Applications For ?

    A: Criminal investigation, public security, anti-terrorist, drug smuggling investigation, negotiation.
    Q:Can The Covert Earpiece Connect Without Other Kit by Bluetooth of Phone ?
    A:Well, at now all covert Micro earpiece model can’t be connect without other kits .But Don’t Worry ! That You can take the GSM Kits For Earpice , When you use the GSM Kits , you no need the phone already, Any Way , We have strong team , we will make them
    Q:Can Covert Earpiece Be Waterproof ?
    A:At Now All Model Is Not Waterproof Yet ..
    Q:Does It Has Turn Off Button ? And How To Turn off it ?
    A:The all covert Micro earpiece doesn’t have any button for turn off/on .
    When You Chose the hold ,it will be turn on .
    When you take of the hold , it will be turn off .
    Like Photo Shown You :
    --- Now it is turn on
    --- Now it is Turn off
    Q:What Is The Different ?
    Follow is Different Ponit List,Have a look
    Learn More
  5. Micro Covert Wireless Earpiece Earpiece With 3 W Amplified Inductive Neckloop Compatible All 3.5mm Jack Phone

    How to Start? Insert the 3.0 mm diameter earpiece deep into your ear canal. Connect Bluetooth neck loop to your mobile phone just like using a regular Bluetooth headset. Wear the neck loop around your head and play music or make a phone call, the earpiece will receive signals and reproduce sound into your ear. Package Includes: 2 x Magnetic wireless earpiece diameter 3 mm 1 x Magnetic wireless earpiece diameter 5 mm 1 x Removal rod 1 x Inductive neckloop ( beige color) 1 x Recharge cable 1 x Charger 1 x External microphone Optional Upgrades : 1 x Electronic earpiece (better sound quality, louder sound volume, longer transmitting distance, improved battery life) Key features of New Amplified Inductive Neck loop Learn More
  6. mini wireless 305 earpiece with louder sound 808 808A

    mini wireless 305 earpiece with louder sound Description: Mini wireless earpiece is a micro-mini wireless inductive receiver which transforms audio signal through electromagnetic induction. These products make the covert communication possible when it is inconvenient to expose earpieces. earpiece is widely used in many departments .Using this device;You can hear the voice from the person other side,and the person of the other side can also hear your vioce. How to use: Wear the skin color loop on your neck or under your close if necessary. Connect the port with your cell phone and talk to the microphone just like an normal handsfree set but totally with no wire apear. 1. Open battery door, install the battery perfectly and push battery door into battery box gently. Put the earpiece into ear canal by holding the handle and the slight sound of current indicate working order. 2. Adjust the volume of drive equipment to reach satisfaction. 3. Set mobile phone to automatic return or vibration. 4. Put the inductive loop around your neck (or bluetooth pen, glasses, loop, watch..ect diferent inductions)and connect the inductive loop to the drive equipments (mobile phone, radio) which are attached to or beneath users clothing. One transmits message with radio, the other wearing an earpiece and inductive loop who also has a radio can hear the message very clear. Because the inductive loop inducts the message from the radio to earpiece and then earpiece transforms the electromagnetic inductive signal to audio signal to reach the wireless inception. Communication distances and radio power are the direct proportion. You can communicate with others freely once network exist when you use mobile phone Hotspots: * Small, light, easy to conceal. * Comfortable for wearing with an optimum anatomic design. Work principle: Mini wireless earpiece is a one-way reception equipment driven by electromagnetic induction and is used in conjunction with drive equipments, such as radio and mobile phone. Structure: - Mini wireless earpiece consists of specialized chip, shell, faceplate, battery door, handle etc. 1.Battery door: Open battery door by fingertip, install the battery perfectly and push the battery door to battery box. 2.Handle: Clarity and high strength string help you to take out the earpiece from ear canal easily. Technical specification: . Mini wireless earpiece (306 earpiece) receives signal by inductive coil. across electromagnetic fields . Receiving distance: 20-40 cm . Standard Zinc-air battery: type 337 . Battery life: about 3.5 hours . Audio bandwidth: from 300 Hz to 4 KHz . Distortion: <2% . Size: 3x5x7mm . Working frequency: all frequencies . Distance between inductive coil and Mini wireless earpiece: about 20-40 cm What`s inside the box? 1 x 306 earpiece with box Learn More
  7. Mini Loopset Neckloop MIC Built-in with covert wireless spy Earpiece GSM Earphone Earbud

    Package/List of Accessories: 1x new808 808A earpiece skin or black, 9 model you can choose 1x SR337(416)SW battery 1x MIC Built-in Neckloop with mini clip Learn More
  8. 2018 BRT Bluetooth Neckloop with CIC spy wireless earphone Full sets

    Included FREE gifts: What`s in the package? 100% Brand New Earpiece Kit 12 months warranty! 1x Earpiece 808 1x Bluetooth Loop set 1x Battery - 337 SR416SW 1x Charger for Bluetooth Loop set other Spy Device Learn More
  9. Bluetooth Glasses with Spy Earpiece

    Bluetooth Glasses with Spy Earpiece Set is designed for wireless connection to Smartphone and secret spy invisible earpiece. It transfers clear mono voice to invisible spy earpiece wirelessly. The Bluetooth Glasses has build-in amplifier, you can listen loudly and clearly within 20cm range. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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